Friday, March 12, 2010

Here goes another writing adventure.

I've started blogs before and the part that gets me every time is the naming process: coming up with a blog title and username-- there's something so awkward about coming up with another name for yourself on the internet.... obviously I want the words associated with me to be cool but not too cool (that way it might be apparent that I spent way too much time caring about it).

My friends told me today that the book I'm reading smells like me-- the predominantly sandalwood body spray that I bought last year at Aveda down on college one morning on a whim. I think I got it because it made me feel older, having my own smell that not just my close close friends/lovers would know about. Now it helps on those mornings when it's too cold to take a shower or I'm rolling out of bed 15 minutes before class starts. Sandalwood also reminds me of my mom, of home, -- saffron. For big celebrations (was there a specific one? birthdays? I can't remember but I don't feel like calling the madre to talk for 20 mins right now) my mom makes a paella- with everything in it- asparagus, peas, carrots, shrimp, sausage, and of course, rice with a ton of saffron. Ohh yeah, my mouth is watering remembering the smells and color of that golden treat.

Here I am, in the lobby of Trever Hall, writing in a blog, already plans made to go out, a.k.a. procrastinating on a late assignment. Whoops! I guess I'll deal with it in the morning.